It Is Time For a Third Passenger

Hi guys and girls. Your favorite technology couple is back. We are still in our favorite RV spending as much free time as we can to travel and enjoy our lives. We work hard and travel long! In our previous posts, we gave you valuable tips on how to improve your RV in order to have a better traveling experience. We told you about water conservation, energy-saving, and gave you a tip on some RV upgrades. But what we haven’t told you yet is that we got a dog! Yes, we adopted a stray dog, a wonderful creature, full of love. It’s a female dog and her name is Daisy. You ask why? Well, we found her by the road in a field full of daisy flowers. After a couple of hours driving, we stopped for a short break, when out of nowhere came Daisy wagging her tail. If you ask me, I think she chose us. Now we are Allie, Zeke, and Daisy. Isn’t that just wonderful!


We took Daisy to the wet to check the state of her health and make sure she’s ready for the lifestyle we have. After the wet, Zeke and I started doing some research on supplies we need to make her life more comfortable. We got her a bed and toys to play with. We decided on the food she will eat, found sturdy food and water bowls. We also got her a collar and a leash for when we go to urban areas. Considering that Zeke and I are occasional smokers, and we sometimes smoke in our RV, we went and bought an air purifier online. We also considered buying one for our home. That way we can protect both her and everyone else who comes to visit our homes. At first, we thought that maybe this is the best time for both of us to stop smoking, but the occasional cigarette gives us a pleasure that we still haven’t found a substitute to. Anyways, Daisy is happy.


Life in an RV with a dog is not something that’s unusual. We gave her her personal space at the back of the RV and every time we stop for a break is a fun and exciting time. She is always prepared to make us happy and surprises us every day. We live in harmony and if we only knew what enjoyment a life with a dog brings, we would have done it much sooner. Zeke is even telling me to adopt another dog, but I say we are all set for now.