Know Before You Go: KOA Sites

If you want a place to park your RV, there are options available. Places like Walmart often have spots available, which is convenient for restocking purposes. But box store parking lots are not destinations; it is not why you chose (or are thinking of) an RV.

The two main places we recommend as being the best to check out are the National/State Parks (they’ve got all the best scenery and are reasonably priced) and KOA sites. Parks run by the government are pretty straightforward, so we’re going to focus on KOA sites in this post.

The first reason we recommend Kampgrounds of America is because there are lots of them: over 500 locations (they’re in Canada too). These campgrounds are near all kinds of attractions: big cities, national and state parks, big area attractions, and beaches too. In other words, there is probably one close by anywhere you would want to be, and sometimes it is easier to get a reservation or comes with fewer restrictions than State or National Parks.

Anybody who has ever gotten behind the wheel of an RV knows that they take some time to get the hang of, especially parking. Well, KOA tries to help us out there: they pride themselves on having spots that you can pull thru or back into, and everything is level. That makes a potentially stressful job much easier.

Some locations have patio areas with picnic tables or hammocks, making your site feel homier and gives you the opportunity to bring the party outdoors. Need power or sewer hookups? No problem! KOA has both 30- and 50- amp connections. There are also laundry and shower facilities, so you can clean yourself and your clothes somewhere other than your RV. Many places have fantastic amenities like cable TV stations, wifi, walking trails, and are pet-friendly too. With all the comforts of home, why would you ever want to leave?

Another benefit to going to a KOA site is that the staff knows what they’re doing. They can help a novice get themselves into a camping spot, they know the best mechanics and body shops if you need that, and they can help get you all hooked up. They know more than just RVs, though. They’re experts on the area and can help you find a place to eat, local attractions, and different things to keep you and your crew busy. They are like concierges at expensive hotels!

KOAs are also great places to be with groups of people, even if your friends or family don’t have RVs – there are also tent camping and cabins available. So go ahead and plan that family reunion. Everybody can stay in the accommodations they want and you’ll all be close enough to each other that nobody misses anything. It’ll be cheaper than renting hotel room blocks and there will be more to do as well!

One last reason we like KOAs: you don’t have to be traveling somewhere far away or exotic to have a great trip. There’s likely a site closer to you than you realize. If you’ve got a long weekend or a couple of days off from work, you can get a head start on your vacation with only a short drive.

So check them out the next time you’re planning a trip. Let us know how it goes.