RV Upgrades

Taking your RV and making it feel like home is a fun task, but it is also a labor of love. We’re doing a little at a time. It helps with the wallet and it also allows us to think about the things we really need before we spend the money. Little tweaks can be easy and relatively cheap. Upgrading appliances or cabinetry are much more expensive but can improve resale value, make your RV look nicer, be more durable and stylish, and make your life easier. Here, we’ll give you some ideas on what we’ve done and suggestions on stuff to think about as well. It’s your home away from home, so you should think about customizing it to fit your needs.

For example, especially if you buy a used model RV or it is getting on in age, re-cushion the seats or benches.  Use a different pattern, more comfortable padding, more durable fabric, or whatever is going to make sitting more fun and cozy. Tinting the windows or changing the shades/blinds can also keep the cabin more comfortable while making it look fresh and new.

The lighting might not be desirable. You can change bulbs to reduce or strengthen the wattage. You can even change them to LEDs to use a little less energy. If you need stronger lighting, you can always add battery-powered lighting that you can either mount or adhere to the location you want better illumination. If you’d like softer lighting somewhere, you can try string lights. Some are battery-operated, some can be solar charged.

Also, consider what a coat of paint can do. You can change the color of the walls or the stain on the cabinets, making your RV look completely different. A faster, less drastic change can be as simple as putting contact paper on shelves or repositionable wallpaper in the bedroom.

If you watch a lot of tv or find yourself stuck inside the cabin of your RV often, make entertainment adjustments. Surround sound, a satellite dish, or signal boosters are all options that will make things more fun when you’re cooped up. You’d be surprised at how much faster the miles fly when you have something great to listen to on a satellite radio!

The showerheads in RVs can also be, well, a joke. It’s not that hard to replace on your own and you will be surprised at what a difference it can make. Many new models are low-flow, meaning they use less water than a traditional showerhead without suffering from lower performance. A nice shower at the end of a long day camping, hiking, or driving, will feel like heaven!

Thinking of going to remote places that might not have full hookups? You might want to think about a solar kit. There are basic single panel models that you can use to charge up a phone or two, right up to bigger scale models that can charge batteries or provide enough power to keep your juice running for how long you’ll need.

We say put in the effort to make your RV a place you’ll want to be. It’s your home away from home. It has taken us a while to get ours to what it looks like now and we’re still not done, but slow and steady improvement will get us where we want to be! Let us know what your favorite upgrades are in the comments!