Water Conservation Tips From RVers

So here’s a big shout out for life on the road and the freedom of domestic travel. But it does take some effort to life comfortably and with ease. You have to plan your route so you can fuel up or clean out the bathroom tanks from time to time. You have to have a clean kitchen area and compact bedding. A visit to a laundromat is a must. It isn’t an inconvenience so all around are services and rest areas for RVs. How did they become so popular with young people?

When you travel a lot, you find that you try to conserve water in the freshwater tank as much as possible. You need to be mindful of your usage and try to cut down on every trip. This is one of the biggest mistakes made by beginners who must learn the hard way. It saves energy and money while helping the environment. There is absolutely no reason to ignore water conservation, especially with helpful guides like this one: https://tanklesscenter.net/saving-water/. This is our big tip in today’s blog.

Sure, you can stop and get water to replenish the tank, but if you are known for poor planning, you may have to travel a bit far, even if you are in need of a shower at the very moment. I know of people who have gone hiking or biking, only to return to an RV with an empty tank. You have to stand yourself for ten or twenty miles while you search for available water. I always take a shower in the morning so I know the tank is ready to accommodate my needs. You can get preoccupied with sightseeing during the day and forget to replenish the tank.

Always take enough bottled water for an emergency as drinking liquid is a perennial need while on the road, especially if you spend time outside. It is costly but is there when you have need. Another tip is to take a short shower more frequently than a super long one every few days. Clean dishes or brush your teeth quickly. You will learn the secret of efficiency in no time with experience. Finally, the longer the trip, the more you need to itemize your supplies and ensure that your RV is properly maintained and equipped. The life of an RVer is wonderful but it takes some awareness of basic issues, and water usage is on the top of the list.